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OUR LATEST Documentaries:

Züge ins Leben – Kindertransporte im 2. Weltkrieg (2016)

Director: Uli Jürgens
DOP: Gerald Gottlieb
Post-production: Thomas Rath
Sound editing and mixing: Studio Rot

Der Ungehorsame Konsul – Exil in Portugal (2015)

Director: Uli Jürgens
DOP: Gerald Gottlieb
2nd Camera: Volkmar Geiblinger
Sound: Dieter Neuhaus
Editing: Michael Ingram
Grafics-Post-production: Markus Koessl
Sound editing and mixing: Studio Rot

10-th Anniversary Rhodes Forum Session (October 3-8, 2012).

Leading members of the World Public Forum network community from different fields of expertise met at the ancient Greek Island with colorful southern landscapes on the background, accompanied by harmonious chants and music. This relaxing atmosphere contrasts with the content of the Forum’s intense proceedings. The speakers presented their vision of the existing challenges of globalization including the growing risks of wars, economic crises, climate changes, poverty and many others.

Global changes we are encountering today represent the objective processes that however may result differently. The task of all responsible members of the global society as seen by WPF community is therefore to make the outcome successful and the world at least a little more harmonious for everyone.

What unites all the voices is dialogical approach to human life implying openness, mutual trust and respect and striving for eliminating many injustices of the existing reality.


Director/Editing: Susan Florries
DOP/Post-production: Volkmar Geiblinger
Post-production: Thomas Rath
Sound editing and mixing: Johannes Paul Heilig
Editing Assistance and Creative Commons Research: Tobias Ashermann