Trilight goes to Rhodes and the annual WPF „Dialogue of Civilisations“

Trilight Entertainment are proud and happy to pronounce that we are heading to Rhodes, Greece, on the 5th of October to make a 15 minute long documentary on the annual
World Public Forum (WPF) „Dialogue of Civilisations“.
The theme of this year is „Dialogue of Crisis“.

„The World Public Forum (WPF) “Dialogue of Civilizations” is a deliberative-consultative body that unites into a single network various international and national nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), representatives of public and state institutions, civil society organizations and faith-based groups, academics, representatives of cultural, spiritual, business, and media spheres from different countries, members of diverse civilizations and cultural traditions, and individuals who share the principles of openness mutual respect which form the basis of the contemporary dialogue of civilizations.“

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